Born in Americana and raised in Piracicaba, Brazil, Chico Coelho currently lives in San Francisco, CA where he creates modern abstract art. Coelho studied Architecture and Urban Development in São Paulo. He also worked as an artist, publicity photographer, educational textbook illustrator, music composer, guitar player, singer, and songwriter (Coelho has recorded four albums of original compositions). In 1998, Coelho was one of 20 Brazilian artists invited to participate in the celebratory exhibition of the 50th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, in Paris, France. The show then opened the Centro Cultural in Sintra (Cultural Center of Sintra) in Portugal, and two publications of the exhibition were later released in Paris and Sintra. In 2005, Coelho was selected to be one of the artists to work for ATELIER AMARELO (Yellow Art Studio), a project sponsored by the Secretaria de Estado da Cultura de São Paulo. His work NA RUA (In the Streets) portrays the people living in Cracolãndia (The Land of Crack) who were mostly homeless crack addicts in São Paulo. Also in 2005, Coelho created Vaca Bandida (The Bad Cow) which was selected for the CowParade/São Paulo—an international public art event that exhibits life-sized cows and have been staged in over 50 countries worldwide since 1999. Chico Coelho now works in a technique he developed himself called the Dissolution of Fractals.